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Bart Aernouts finished 8th in the Subaru Ironman 70.3 World Championship Mont Tremblant, Will Clarke 10th, Helle Frederiksen did not finish

Today Mont Tremblant in Quebec was the scenery of the Ironman 70.3 World Championship. With an amazing world class field, it became the clash of the titans. The Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team was present with 3 athletes: Bart Aernouts and Will Clarke finished respectively 8th and 10th, while Helle Frederiksen withdrew after losing her podium chances due to a penalty call.

In the men's competition, the race is won by Javier Gomez (ESP: 03:41:30), followed by Jan Frodeno (GER: 03:42:11) and Tim Don (GBR: 03:44:38). We notice two world Olympic-distance champs along with an Olympic gold medalist on the podium.

In the women's field, the rising star, Daniela Ryf (SUI:04:09:19) takes the Ironman 70.3 World Championship, after winning the Ironman 70.3 European Championship in Wiesbaden and the Ironman of Copenhagen earlier this year. Jodie Swallow (GBR: 04:11:43) took the silver medal on 2:24 of Ryf, while Heather Wurtele (CAN: 4:14:55) got bronze with a gap of 5:36 on Ryf.

Bart Aernouts 8th in Ironman 70.3 World Championship of Mont Tremblant

Bart Aernouts had clear race plan today. During the swim, he tried to minimize his gap on the fastest swimmers. It worked out. At the end of the swim, Bart came out of the water in the 34th position with a gap of 2'29" on Gomez. During the bike leg Bart moved up systematically, but he could not close the time gap on the leading group due to a lack of collaboration in the chasing group. At the start of the run, Bart was in the 15th position 3 minutes behind the leading group. Bart started off the run at a solid pace. In the 2nd of 3 local rounds, he noticed that there was still something possible. At the turning points he had a good view on his competitors. He gave it all to get in the top 10 and finally he finished in the 8th position.

Good signs for Kona

Bart Aernouts, the European Champion Ironman 70.3 of Wiesbaden, agreed that this was an impressive field: " Today, I was good in the 3 disciplines. I raced at the same level as in Wiesbaden. Nevertheless my 8th position was the maximum I could get today. I had a decent swim. It was tough on the bike because all the good cyclist were spread out over the race, so it was nearly impossible to get closer to the leading group on your own. The bike course was selective but still rolling, where I prefer the hilly races more.

During the run I wanted to secure a top 10 position, I am happy I succeeded. I am on the good way to Hawaï. I hope to be super again and solid in all 3 disciplines on the 11th of October."

Will Clarke 10th in Ironman 70.3 World Championship of Mont Tremblant

Will Clarke had a strong swim, he came out of the water in the chasing group in the15th position 57" behind the leader Javier Gomez. On the bike, the chasing group caught the leading group and until 75km of the bike leg Will was racing in the leading group. 15km before transition 2, he hit a stone and had a wheel puncture on both wheels. Luckily there was a support motor around to get him a spare wheel. In total, he lost around 2' with this action. He started in 8th position on the run at 2'24" of the leading group with Gomez, Don and Frodeno. During the run he was able to keep his top 10 position and ended in the 10th position.

Happy to be in top 10 of the world championship

Although the race scenario was not perfect for Will, he is still happy to be part of the top 10 of the world championship: " I had a good feeling before the race. I swam pretty well, which is for me close to the front group. On the bike, I pushed hard to get to the front group, which worked out. Today I felt the best ever on the bike. It is a pity that I hit that stone, I had the legs to start with the leading group on the run. My minimum ambition was a top 10 result, I am happy that I made it. In 3 weeks, I hope to be ready to win the Ironman 70.3 of Lanzarote."

Helle Frederiksen withdrew after a 4 minute penalty call
After her great victory in the Hy-Vee US Pro Championship last week, Helle was on the short list of many sport journalists as a podium candidate. What seemed to be promising for Helle, ended up in great disappointment after getting a penalty call of 4 minutes during the bike leg. Until then everything went fine to get her spot on the podium.

Helle Frederiksen started off well, she came out of the water in the leading group with Jodie Swallow, Mary Beth Ellis, Annabel Luxford and Daniela Ryf. Until 38km on the bike, the group stayed together, at that moment Daniela Ryf decided to push harder. Daniela Ryf drove away from the group and she increased her lead to 2'42" at T2. During a decent, Helle came inside the 12 meters of the rider in front of her, which led to a 4 minute penalty. Suddenly all her podium dreams disappeared. She started the run, but the utter disappointment, realising that her podium ambitions were lost and made her ultimately withdraw from the race.

Deep disappointment

After the great result of last week, this felt as a huge disappointment for Helle: "Right now I don't have many words or feelings other than deep disappointment. I had done everything right: training, preparation, pre-race and even in the race. I felt the drafting decision was a very tough call, but rules are rules and I need to accept it and put it behind me. I had my head tucked down on a decent and unfortunately drifted just inside the 12 meters of the rider in front. I try to conduct myself as a true professional at all times, now I carry disappointment, feeling I have let sponsors, family and closest supporters down by a 4 minute penalty that was never intentional. I came here to challenge the podium and be in contention for the win. It will take time for me to come to terms with this result but I have no doubt there will be more opportunities to 'come good'."

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